There are many benefits of using our experienced property finding service

  • Finding the best property:
    We are uniquely integrated into the French real estate system and local network based on 20 years experience in the property market and 30 years of living in the region. This means that we have a detailed knowledge of local ski resorts and hear about many deals before they reach the open market.
  • Fast and effective personalised service:
    We operate a small, independent, personalised service and keep in constant contact, so that you will find your ideal property rapidly, based on impartial and complete advice on what is available in the market. Our unique network of contacts, and our location in the Alps means that we are able to proceed quickly and effectively to comb the market and find what you are looking for.
  • Getting you the best deal:
    We are able to assist with purchase negotiation and are often able to negotiate purchase price reductions. Our advice on the advantages and disadvantages, and the rental potential of different resorts and locations will help you make a sound investment.
  • Saving you time and hassle:
    Our expertise in the French ski resort market will save you time and effort and reduce the uncertainty involved in purchasing property in a foreign market. We have helped hundreds of clients complete their property purchase, and have developed a high level of expertise in dealing with the complexities of the French legal system.
  • Comprehensive service
    We are able to assist with all aspects of property acquisition, including purchase negotiation, informal assistance with the signing of official documents, help with mortgage choices and estimating realistic rental yields, and recommending local property management services and contractors for renovation and interior design.
  • Minimal upfront fee:
    The bulk of our fee is payable only if you buy through us, which optimises the risk/reward trade-off for clients of using our service.

What we are not

We are not affiliated with any estate agency, property development or construction company. This means that our searches are carried out in the best interests of our clients only.